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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Jupiter 6 Filter - AM8060

Introduction How would you like to trasform a boring Boss Phaser pedal into the awesome multi mode filter from the Roland Jupiter 6? Well read on....just buy yourself a second hand Boss PH-2 Super Phaser off eBay for 30 - 40 UK pounds and carefully unsolder the two rare IR3109 chips. Then buy an AM8060 PCB from AMsynths and build the Jupiter filter. It sounds a lot better than the light weight phasing effect from the pedal, with 4 filter modes each with resonance into full on self oscillation. This filter was such a beast in polyphonic synths that they replaced in with the much tamer IR3R05 chip in the MKS80 REV5 and JX8P. However you can build one or buy a completed module in EuroRack format later in 2010 from AMsynths.

Description The AM8060 module is a clone of the Roland Jupiter 6 voltage controlled filter which comprises two 2-pole OTA filters in series, and was launched in 1983. Each 2-pole filter can be switched into either Low Pass or High Pass modes providing three VCF modes all with variable resonance:
  • 24dB Low Pass Filter
  • 24dB High Pass Filter
  • 12dB Band Pass Filter

The original filter in the Jupiter 6 (and MKS80 REV04) use two IR3109 chips, one as the filter cores and the other to control RESONANCE level as a dual VCA. The filter modes are controlled by two push button switches, which provide an extra 4th mode (Band Pass) than in the JP-6. The filter is easy to set up with a simple cutoff frequncy trimmer. The prototype is shown on the right, AMsynths will release 10 completed modules later in 2010 in EuroRack format with high quality aluminium panels.

If you want to build your own Jupiter 6 filter module then visit AMSynths and drop me an email. PCB's are available from late June 2010. Project Notes are online.

So what does it sound like? Visit this web page for an online demo..