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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Roland 100M Replica - Major Progress

With a few days off over Xmas 2009 I was able to make some progress in completing my Roland 100M analog synthesizer clone. The main taask has been to de-bug the Roland SH-5 filters which I have been developing for the last 12 months. The SH-5 has a diode 4-pole voltage controlled low pass filter as well as a HPF, a BPF mode with the VCF and a dedicated BPF, making for some fantastic sounds - check out many Ozric Tentacles tracks.
The latest set of PCB's (4 in total) needed a few corrections, but I now have all 4 filter modes working - albeit I have configured the HPF as a direct output and not mixed in an inverted HPF output taken via the VCF - as per Rolands thinking.

The filters souds amazing and I will post some MP3's as soon as I can. In the mean time here is the updated web page, with a picture of the completed AM8005 and the AM8002 Mixer and Ring Modulator. These are Frac Rac modules with temporary white card and PCB panels. I will either spray paint the PCB panels or have aluminium versions made.

The Roland 100M replica is nearing completion with just the MIDI CV converter to be completed (waiting on the right PIC chip from MIDIBox) and I still need to design and build the LFO and Mixer modules. There is also an analog delay and phaser (M172) and the 8x2 analog sequncer (M182) to be built later in 2010.